Powerful features make your life easier

Manage all aspects of your lettings service

Whether you are a fully-fledged lettings agency or considering launching a service for the first time, lettingspad packages together all of the essential elements for the efficient, day to day management of a lettings agency.

From marketing and management of lets, through to  administration of landlords and tenants, lettingspad automates and streamlines a range of time consuming tasks; helping you deliver a high quality, professional and efficient service.

Property, landlord and tenant management

Maintenance reporting and management

Email, SMS and post communication tools

Powerful suite of property marketing tools

Time saving interactive tenant account

Automated tenancy and landlord agreements

Automated reminders and task alerts

Online storage for a paperless service

Successfully tackle your greatest challenges

Benefit from a bespoke solution developed by lettings experts

Tailored Software

lettingspad is completely unique, having been specifically developed for public sector organisations under the guidance of lettings industry experts. You can now benefit directly from the advice and knowledge of seasoned lettings professionals.

Our software has been produced in collaboration with councils, letting agents, universities, students’ unions and housing associations to provide a market leading solution, with the flexibility to meet your individual requirements

  • Easily adapt to changes in your service delivery
  • Significantly increase your daily productivity
  • Access professional lettings service advice and support

Unparalleled levels of flexibility, access and security

Experience the power of fully hosted, online software

Online software accessed over the internet is becoming increasingly popular and favoured over traditional software. This is largely thanks to the cost and time savings it presents, not to mention the unprecedented levels of flexibility and data security on offer.

Completely web based, lettingspad requires no manual installation on your organisation's computers, and minimises the interruptions typically associated with updating software. Plus, all of your data is automatically backed up on highly secure servers.

  • Reduce costs and reliance on your organisation's IT
  • No requirement for lengthy updates or costly upgrades
  • Securely access your service any-time from anywhere
Cloud Based Software

Implementing lettingspad is quick and simple

With dedicated account management and superb support

On-boarding Service

Our dedicated on-boarding service ensures a smooth and seamless transition onto lettingspad. For existing lettings services using an alternative piece of software, we offer a managed switch-over service meaning there is no down time or interruption of service as you get started with your new lettingspad solution.

For new lettings services or those at the outset of considering a service, our experts can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of launching your service.

  • Avoid the most common lettings service pitfalls
  • Detailed feasibility studies for new lettings services
  • Fully managed switch-over for existing services
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