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lettingspad is a web based lettings management platform. It has been developed by lettings specialists to meet the needs of public sector organisations and is tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients.

To find our more about how lettingspad can help you deliver a 1st class lettings service, select your market sector from the options below. If you require lettingspad for a sector not listed, please contact us directly.

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lettingspad for universities

Enhance your student accommodation service

lettingspad is used by universities to extend their existing student housing services. lettingspad allows universities to offer students the widest and safest range of accommodation possible.

In doing so they raise their profile and become a more attractive proposition to prospective students. 

Controlling the marketing and management of private sector lets can also be instrumental in raising the overall standards of student accommodation, as well as providing a new, sustainable source of revenue if desired.

  • Provide a safer lettings service to student tenants
  • Enforce standards and accreditation schemes
  • Implement and operate your head leased scheme
  • Manage and collect rent according to term time
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lettingspad for students' unions

Launch and manage a student lettings agency

Students’ unions are increasingly looking to deliver more efficient and comprehensive accommodation services for their students. This has seen the rise of student lettings agencies throughout the UK that can provide students’ unions with a significant source of revenue.

By becoming a central resource for student lets, unions are able to raise their profile and deliver a higher level of service to their students as well as their landlords. By offering direct access to the student market, students’ unions are an attractive option for landlords to let their property through.

lettingspad can be utilised by students’ unions in partnership with the university or independently, operating the service with complete autonomy.

  • Introduce a new, high-value revenue stream
  • Deliver a student-focused lettings service
  • Offer a cost-effective alternative to landlords
  • Manage and collect rent according to term time
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lettingspad for councils

Deliver private rented sector efficiencies

Councils are able to utilise their tailor made lettingspad platform to deliver a social lettings agency.

Our on-boarding service and expert level of support will provide you with all the guidance and advice you require to deliver an outstanding service to your tenants and landlords.

Developed in partnership with public sector and lettings agency experts, lettingspad is fully equipped to meet the unique requirements of councils.

Our deep understanding of your processes ensures our software delivers maximum value to your organisation.

  • Manage rent levels and provide affordable housing
  • Ensure high standards of PRS accommodation
  • Support your clients in sourcing suitable housing
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lettingspad for housing associations

Promote housing stock and minimise voids

lettingspad has been developed to allow housing associations to manage and promote their own available properties through a tailor made property search website.

By providing a fast and simple way to advertise vacant property, housing associations are able to reduce the turnaround time associated with filling housing with new tenants.

lettingspad automates recurring tasks to deliver savings in time and expense, whilst also increasing the service level being provided by the housing association.

A dedicated advice portal facilitates the provision of support and guidance to tenants, further raising the housing association's profile.

  • Comprehensive property management platform
  • Branded website to advertise vacant properties
  • Provide a dedicated tenant housing advice portal
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